Neoteric Guitar Project

Duo Charango is committed to creating new works for the guitar. Our first commissioning project, the Neoteric Guitar Project, is to our knowledge the first full-scale endeavor to commission a body of works for the electric guitar.

The term “neoteric” refers to a group of Greek poets who broke away from the Homeric tradition of epic poetry to create a new form of art. The name “Neoteric Guitar Project” was submitted to us by John Cesar in our naming contest. We felt that John’s submission perfectly described our goal for this project.

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Photo Credit: Charolette Suarez

Eschewing the collection of traditional titles that describe single elements of her body of work, Elizabeth refers to herself as a “New Renaissance Artist” that embraces a constant stream of change and rebirth in practice, which expands into a variety of media, chiefly an exploration of how sonic and spatial worlds can be manipulated to personify a variety of philosophies and principles both tangible as well as intangible. Elizabeth has received recognition from press as well as scholars, for her conceptual compositions and commitment to inclusive programming. In addition to studies of her work, Elizabeth has been awarded several fellowships, grants, and residencies, in addition to sponsorships from Schoenhut Piano Company and Source Audio LLC. As an experimental filmmaker, her work has been shown at festivals including Women of the Lens (United Kingdom), and the African Smartphone International Film Festival (Nigeria). As a solo recording artist, Elizabeth is represented by Aerocade Music, her first solo album on the California-based label Quadrivium released worldwide in May 2018 to rave reviews. She is founder of the Florida International Toy Piano Festival, The New Music Conflagration, Inc., author of three books, and the subject of a number of scholarly articles, thesis papers, and other academic research. In March 2018, Elizabeth retired from nonprofit arts administration to focus on her international solo career, though she remains committed to the community through workshops and public speaking engagements. 

For more about Elizabeth please visit her website.

Photo Credit: Andrew Hurlbut

Bosba (b.1997) is a Western-educated, Cambodian composer. Influenced by French expressionism, European sacred music and American minimalism, her music explores primarily the theme of loss and sacrifice. Her experience as a Cambodian folk singer and classical performance singer informs the lyricism of her music. Amongst her musical influences are Herbert Howells, Benjamin Britten, Leonard Bernstein, Debussy, Ravel, Philip Glass, Bill Evans, João Gilberto, Bernard Herrmann, and Arctic Monkeys.

Prior to composition, Bosba began her career in Cambodia as a traditional folk singer at the age of 7. Her parents managed her vocal career. Their collaboration with Cambodian artists led to performances at venues such as Angkor Wat, the 13th-century UNESCO heritage site of temples. She attended the Lyçée Français Réné Descartes of Phnom Penh, is a former Cambodian Judo Olympic team member and triple national champion.

Bosba is a graduate of the Walnut Hill School for the Arts (2015) and the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA (2019). She conducted her history minor on the commodification of trauma in arts in post-genocide Cambodian society. She is currently doing her masters in Cultural Policy and Management at the Paris Institute of Political
Studies and is assistant researcher to Dr Jann Pasler’s European Research Council funded project “The Sound of Empire in 20th-c. Colonial Cultures: Rethinking History through Music” at the École Normale Supérieure.

For more information, please visit her website.

Annie Leeth is a violinist, composer, and music producer originally from Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from the University of Georgia in May of 2019 as a Music Composition and Violin Performance double major. During her time there, she enjoyed mixing classical and nonclassical influences in a way that could be enjoyed by both the music school and Athens music industry, eventually earning her Flagpole Award for Best Avant-Garde Artist in June of 2019. She has been working as a recording engineer at Chase Park Transduction and 1093 Studio for the last two years and as a live sound engineer at the Georgia Theatre for the past year, and enjoys composing new music for instruments and electronics, recording all genres of music, and playing in bands in the Athens area.

To learn more about Annie please visit her website.